I hope you will enjoy my shabby style in decorating our home and garden!!!

Our house was built in 1947 by my grandfather. He built the house room by room as he got the money. I love this old house and it means so much to me. My dad was very young at the time and he said that he had to help sand the hardwood floors. He can still remember doing it. As any old house goes there are always lots of things that need to be done and updated.We have been working on doing that for the past 10. We have added a new roof and windows and lots of work on the inside and yard. I created this blog to share my love of decorating, painting and gardening. I hope that you will enjoy looking at it. I have started with pictures of the yard.

Friday, June 25, 2010

This is the Bathroom

When we moved into the house the bathroom was done with burgandy and yellow platic tiles one all of the walls. The floor was yellow tile. It really was pretty in its day. I loved it when I was little. It was really dark and need a fresh look so this is what we did. The sink is from a dresser that I found in the attic. The room is nice and bright now.


  1. Es un cuarto de baƱo fabuloso, con una gran claridad y mucho gusto!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. What a great looking bathroom. And I love what you did with the dresser! That is such a good idea :)

  3. This bathroom is so shabby gorgeous! I absolutely love the idea of using an antique dresser for the vanity! I've never seen that before! Wonderful job!
    PS I have to mention I just love your dolls. So delicate and sweet. I can't imagine how you do their wardrobes! Always dressed so nicely! One day I will have one!